Peyton Oden | Fashion Editor 

Many have found themselves trying to emulate the stylish looks celebrities post on social media or are caught wearing by paparazzi, but for most young adults, these brands can be out of budget. This can be discouraging for those who want to express themselves and their fashion sense, but many fail to realize it is possible to imitate popular brands without breaking the bank. Achieving designer looks with a low budget is possible when the aesthetic of the brand or collection is properly understood.  


Balenciaga – Resort 2023 Collection 

Balenciaga’s most recent collection for Resort 2023 showcased “upscale classic garments.. The runway show was held at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street and featured trench coats, blazers, gowns and a collab with sportswear brand, Adidas. This collection resembled eighties workwear and eveningwear with the oversized silhouette on the suits and jumbo bows on the silk blouses.  

When trying to match the aesthetic of Balenciaga’s most recent collection, aim for an all-black business casual and chic look. Pair a pencil skirt with a tie-neck blouse, or a broad-shouldered, oversized blazer with non-fitted suit pants.  

One thing Balenciaga has been known for are their wrap around glasses or what others would call “gas station glasses.” These are glasses that would be right by the register when you are checking out at any gas station or dollar store, these glasses are usually under twenty dollars and is a cheap way to make any outfit standout. 

Balenciaga’s aesthetic is perfect for people wanting to bring fashion into the office or who love to roam the streets looking like they are ready for a business meeting at any moment of the day. 


Gucci – Spring 2022 Collection  

Gucci’s Spring 2022 collection had many references to old Hollywood. The collection by creative director Alessandro Michele, featured costumery, bold looks with bright pops of color and gowns and lacy garments.   

Getting his inspiration from his mother who was an assistant in a production company, Michele has heavily been inspired by old Hollywood aesthetics and the fashion seen on the big screen and red carpet.  

Matching the Gucci aesthetic requires being bold with looks and not being afraid to turn heads in an outfit. If you don’t think a faux fur coat and stockings go together, then Gucci’s aesthetic might not be the right choice, but if it is, look for silk or suits and pair them with a cowboy hat, or a Hawaiian shirt tucked into a pair of leggings. For accessories, go bold with a tiara and statement cat eye sunglasses.  

Gucci’s aesthetic is for people who want to showcase their bright and bold side when they walk out of the house to take on the day. 


Valentino – Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection 

Valentino turned heads when creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s monochrome hot pink and black looks went down the runway for their Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection.  

The collection featured looks covered head-to-toe in hot pink and black for the audience to focus solely on the silhouettes and detail of the womenswear and menswear. The models wore classic asymmetrical dresses in various lengths, sheer and sequined shirts and dresses, and an array of bags.  

When matching the aesthetic of Valentino, it’s a must to wear a monochrome look, try pairing tights with a skirt, a blazer and platform shoes. Find a dress with a cutout in the front or back, or a simple oversized t-shirt with dress pants and rubber boots.  

The aesthetic of Valentino is a great example of how basics can be fashionable too. The aesthetic is for people who can confidently rock a monochromatic look and make it their own. 

Brands such as Steve Madden and Revolve are great starting points to start your shopping if you are wanting to start gaining a luxurious aesthetic. Both brands have great dupes of luxury brands that are very high in price, and they will often have major sales that give you even better prices on their items.  

You can find pieces that are similar to a designer brand at local thrift stores if you’re on a small budget or department stores clearance sections like Nordstrom and Macy’s if you have a little bit of a bigger budget. All it takes is a little research on the brands you love to match up to their aesthetics. It doesn’t take a bank account with a bunch of zeros to be fashionable. 


Peyton Oden serves as our Fashion Editor. This is his first year with Alice. Peyton is from  Birmingham, Alabama and is a junior Apparel & Textiles Major with a minor in Advertising &  Public Relations. Peyton was a communications major up until two weeks before his first semester started when he changed his major to apparel & textiles with a concentration in fashion retail.