Top 5 Female TikTok Creators to Follow
Melanie Bumpus | Writing Contributor


The internet can be intimidating, but these 5 TikTokers are positive, authentic, and fun. Here are 5 underrated, female TikTok creators that embody what it means to be a “girlboss.”

1. Rydel Funk
Rydel, sister of Ross Lynch, posts various TikToks, such as dances, make-up tutorials, baking videos, and family-themed videos with her 3 adorable kids, Super, Sweetie, and Storm. She is always smiling, and her bubbly personality is likely to brighten your day. Plus, sometimes her brothers make an appearance. Her bio states that she is the “CEO of smiling” and her videos are likely to make anyone smile.

2. Spencer Barbosa
Spencer’s videos are all about body positivity and teach you how to have a positive self-image and be confident. Watching her TikToks is like facetiming your best friend who is always there to hype you up. Her advice, personal experiences, and motivational quotes make her account a great one to follow for any age.

3. Fiona Jordan
Fiona is a spunky, determined, busy-bee who posts day-in-the-life videos, vlogs, and rant videos talking about school, friends, relationships, loss, and self-discovery. I love her videos because they motivate me to go after my goals and stay busy.

4. Brielle Asero
Like Fiona, Brielle is an open and inspiring creator who speaks out about important issues and shares her post-grad experience in a raw and real way. Her struggles with finding a job after graduation are relatable to many and make them feel less alone. She also has a podcast called “Yap City” where she discusses college, friendships, and mental health.

5. Kaitlin Reagan
Kaitlin’s videos are uplifting as she shares her experience with grief. She teaches many valuable life lessons through her strength, courage, and persistence. She is a strong and inspiring creator whose heartbreaking story is likely to inspire others.


Melanie Bumpus is a writing contributor for Alice Magazine.