Introducing Alice’s Follow Friday

Sep 16, 2016 | Blog, Entertainment, Lifestyle | 1 comment

By Teah Shaw

Welcome, ladies, to the first of what’s sure to be a digital romp. Follow along to find new bloggers, makers and hashtags biweekly.

Let’s go!




This gal’s as Southern as they come. Georgia-born and Nashville now, she’s half the force behind vintage fashion blog “Junebugs and Georgia Peaches.” With her style and law school smarts, she must be one of those “modern women.”

Rupi Kaur


Poetry gals! This is for you. Kaur’s latest work, “Milk and Honey” is heavy and full and all too lovely. She writes of womanhood and justice.

Chloe Killip


Spooky and cute. These are the words this Australian blogger and YouTuber use to describe her world. And to be just, she is a pastel-loving undertaker.

If you like art films and macabre, Killip’s your girl.


The Wild Standard 


Makers of fine canvas flags.

If you love your city or state like family, you’d have it in your home. And if the company doesn’t carry yours, you can commission a custom flag.

Follow along for short Southern stories behind new products.

Becky Sloan 


“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.”

Sloan and Joseph Pelling are the duo behind the internet’s favorite thing: DHMIS. On Instagram, the lady takes you behind the scenes.

As the tumultuous story came to a close in June, Sloan is likely to keep her followers updated on new projects.



Part duo and part collective, Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud make solid work. The pair photograph celebrities and exhibits when they’re not installing art elsewhere.


If you’re serious about the art of the ‘gram, use these hashtags to find new communities and creatives.


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