Miss Terry: An Undeniable Legend

Leslie Klein | Features Editor

Terry Saban is a well-known and widely cherished figure among the Alabama community, otherwise known as ‘Nick Saban’s wife’ from those outside the community of Alabama fans. Many do not know that Mrs. Saban has created her own path to fame and has significantly contributed to the success of her husband, Nick Saban. While Mr. Saban’s retirement has recently been the headlines of multiple major news sources, it is also important to shine light on UA’s beloved, ‘Miss Terry.’

The name “Saban” has grown to be a household name around the nation, and while Mrs. Saban shares her husband’s famous last name, she was gifted the name, ‘Miss Terry’, from the Alabama community, and she doesn’t mind at all. Although the nickname has stuck around for years, it is not the only honorable name she has been given. Many individuals view Mrs. Saban as ‘Alabama football’s First Lady’ as if it weren’t for her, Mr. Saban might not be the man we all know and love.

Mrs. Saban is not one to turn a blind eye when it comes to her husband’s decisions on and off the field. She has given him plenty of advice throughout the years. Miss Terry told me if they’re not playing good to get on their butt,” Mr. Saban said after the 2023 Mississippi State game. “So I just did what I was told.” While Mr. Saban holds the national championship titles, Mrs. Saban holds the responsibility of advising and creating an environment wherein individuals feel welcomed. When Mr. Saban started coaching Alabama football, his demeanor with media did not come with a positive tone. He was unfamiliar with the idea that his attitude influenced the success of Alabama football.


“I changed my whole image as a coach and it started with changing my image with the media and the people. It helped in so many ways like recruiting, relationships with players… so that’s probably one of the most important lessons she ever gave me.”


Aside from the wonders that Mrs. Saban has created within the football world, she is also heavily involved in philanthropic work. She is the CEO and co-founder of “Nick’s Kids Foundation,” which was created to make a difference in the lives of children and to make a difference in the Alabama community. Nick’s Kids has made an enormous impact on the lives of children, families, students and teachers. From distributing over $11 million dollars to organizations and non-profits to building 19 Habitat for Humanity houses, their legacy will forever be a blessing to the community. Mrs. Saban began her career as a teacher, but now is primarily Mr. Saban’s professional partner. While teaching is no longer her main focus, on the front page of Nick’s Kids Foundation’s website, For Read Across America Week, there is a video of Mrs. Saban reading “The Giving Tree.” Her teaching background shines through as she provides “some questions to think about” as she reads. Although she is not explicitly an educator, she carries the skills she learned and applies them into her everyday life.

Mrs. Saban’s infections smile and her giving heart have created an unforgettable legacy not only in Tuscaloosa, but across the nation. From donations to hands-on experience, she will forever be one for the books.


Leslie Klein is the Features Editor for Alice Magazine. She is a Junior studying Communications at The University of Alabama. She hopes to continue her work in magazines in the future, and is prepared to find her place.