Adventures with Alice: House Plant Collective

How to become the plant mom we all desire to be.

Jocelyn Claborn | Videography Contributor 


A note from our Editor-in-Chief, Jen Bowman: 

Here at Alice, we’re always creating new things and I am so excited to officially launch our latest web series, Adventures with Alice. Every month, videography contributor, Jocelyn Claborn, will be exploring different restaurants, businesses and activities in the Tuscaloosa area. Check back in every month for a web article and accompanying YouTube video showing our adventures through T-Town. Enjoy! 


One thing you should know about me is that I do not have a green thumb. Gardens and I have not had a good relationship in the past; nevertheless, I still have a desire to be a plant mom. Plant-Tok is all over my “For You Page” on TikTok, and it has convinced me that even though plants and I have had a rocky start, I have what it takes to care for a plant. But I had one question…where do I even begin?  


If you are in the Tuscaloosa or Birmingham area, you may have heard of House Plant Collective (HPC). They have the answers to all of your plant-related questions. Whether you are a plant expert or just starting out your plant journey, HPC has the plants, accessories and knowledgeable staff ready to help. 


Alice’s Editor-in-Chief, Jen Bowman, and I joined Jessica Watts, the owner of House Plant Collective, at her Tuscaloosa location. The first thing I noticed right as I walked into the store was its welcoming (and very green) aesthetic. Simply being in HPC, I felt like I was already halfway to my goal of being a plant mom. Watts welcomed us in with open arms and an open mind. There was no judgment on the fact that I have never owned a plant, or that Bowman just recently killed a purchase she made from HPC.  


While she was working full-time at The University of Alabama in Birmingham, plants were her outlet to get out from behind the computer. She had a passion for plants and she wanted to share her joy with others. She started hosting plant swaps in her Birmingham community. One thing led to another and she realized that her hobby was turning into something more. She purchased the beloved House Plant Collective Plant Bus, which is still a vital part of the business. It appears at pop-up events in Birmingham and beyond. By the end of 2020, Watts opened the first storefront in downtown Birmingham, and in 2021, Tuscaloosa became HPC’s second home.  


HPC has a wide variety of plants that are available to anyone, no matter your skill set. Their plants are healthy, prices are low and the selection is vast. In the store, you can find sections dedicated to “easy to care for” plants, the plant of the week and guides on the toxicity of the plant you are interested in. Everything is labeled, organized and ready to add a little bit of joy and happiness to your life.  


While visiting with Watts, she taught us everything we need to know on how to repot a plant. 


I will definitely be returning to HPC to make my first purchase. Watts suggested that a monstera or snake plant is best for beginners. I will be heeding her advice and hopefully one day I will proudly be able to title myself a successful plant mom.  


Be sure to check out Adventures with Alice on our YouTube page to learn all of Watts’ tips and tricks on repotting a plant, here. If you are ever interested in having the plant bus attend an event near you, you can contact them on their website. 

Jocelyn Claborn is a sophomore creative media student with an advertising and public relations minor. This is her second semester with Alice. Previously, she has been a videography contributor but will be doing more writing with Adventures with Alice. In her free time, she loves making coffee, hanging out with her dogs, lighting a fall candle and finding new TV shows to binge.  


Adventures with Alice is our monthly web series where we explore different restaurants, businesses and activities in the Tuscaloosa area. Make sure to check back in every month for a web article and accompanying YouTube video showing our adventures around T-Town.