By: Sarah Hartsell

Courtesy of Sarah Hartsell

As many of you know, cuffing season is among us. For some of us, this is great because we already have a significant other and are super excited. Others of us are not looking forward to this dreaded time of year as we have another cuffing season alone. Cuffing season refers to when people start to want to be in a committed relationship, beginning around October, to be able to do cute couple activities. As this season is quickly approaching, I made a playlist of some amazing songs for when you start to catch those feelings.

  1. “Crush Culture” by Conan Grey

 This song is sweet, subtle and makes you want to “spill your guts out.” Conan’s soft voice and well-written lyrics describe exactly how you are feeling. It is guaranteed to make you think about someone special in your life.

Courtesy of Sarah Hartsell

2. “Would You Be so Kind” by Dodie Clark  Dodie Clark once again uses her trusty ukulele to express the feeling in your chest that you know all too well. She describes how a crush first blossoms and the want for that feeling to be reciprocated.

3. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood This song is the ultimate cuffing season song. It describes the changing of the seasons and how the onset of cold weather makes you want to cuddle up to someone you like and enjoy their company. The song, in general, is just amazing.


Courtesy of Sarah Hartsell

4. “Wild” by Troye Sivan Troye Sivan will never disappoint and is an unproblematic fave. On his debut album, Blue Neighborhood, is the song “Wild.” This song tells us about his developing feelings for his crush and how he values all the moments of intimacy they can get together. This song is too sweet to resist listening to multiple times.

5. “Crush” by Tessa Violet This song is straight-up a bop. Tessa Violet expresses in this song the underlying loneliness of wanting to be with someone so bad, but not knowing how to act on that feeling. She does this in the catchiest way and tune possible.

6. “Sucker” Jonas Brothers Who doesn’t love the Jonas Brothers? With their first single on their new album, they nail the feeling of adoring someone with your whole being.

7. “1950” King Princess King Princess is, simply stated, a goddess. Her soothing voice lulls you in as she sings about remembering little things your crush told you, and how the surprise of a first kiss with someone draws you in.

8. “I Like Me Better” Lauv Lauv tells it exactly how it is. “I like me better when I’m with you.”

9. “Make You Mine” by Public The endless pursuit of your crush is exhausting but exhilarating. This song talks about the simple pleasures of a new relationship such as holding hands and being able to call someone yours.

10. “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last This song never fails to evoke deep, repressed feelings you did not even know you had. It talks about how the person you are meant to be with will be there for you and how they are worth waiting for. You have to be soulless to not love the meaning behind this song.


Even though these songs have similar meanings, they each have their own unique vibe. Whether you are currently in a relationship or are still waiting for the right person, these songs are fun to listen or sing along to.

Courtesy of Sarah Hartsell