By: Kelly Rooney

Flashback to one year ago. I was a senior at The University of Alabama with not a clue about what I wanted after graduation. One night in particular, I remember waking up a little drenched in sweat and a lot drenched in worry about what was in store for post-grad life.

I wish I knew then the three words I live by now: Don’t. Sweat. It.

To me, “Don’t sweat it” meant life was too short to sweat the small stuff (and isn’t it all small stuff in the end?) As long as I’m alive, breathing, and trying the best I can, there’s nothing worth being drenched in worry over. Since adopting this mentality and basically tattooing “don’t sweat it” across my forehead, here’s how my life has changed.

#1. I moved to Australia. I gave up sweating about figuring out the perfect career plan, and instead went somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Of course I’ve gotten concerned comments from people wondering why I transplanted myself to the other side of the world with no real plan.. But part of the “don’t sweat it” attitude is to let go of what people think about me.

#2. I prioritize my health. Because tomorrow’s not guaranteed, I know I owe it to myself to do the best job I can to feed my body nourishing foods, stay active, do things I love, and get plenty of rest. Nothing beats feeling confident and comfortable in your own body.

#3. I realized how many people sweat miniscule stuff. I see the world through a new, rose-colored lens. I see people getting upset over lost luggage, traffic and stained shirts, and I feel urged to tell them none of those things actually matter. I try to listen to the urge and speak the truth as much as possible.

#4. I realized how much I over-complicated things before. Everything I do is a choice, so I don’t need to build up aggression when I don’t get an interview or someone doesn’t like me. Some things are out of my control. I no longer let them keep me up at night.

#5. I learned to take deeper breaths and to laugh while everyone else is sweating. After getting money stolen, being bit by spiders and spending the night homeless on a beach; I couldn’t imagine a better life story to tell one day.  When “bad” things happen, I embrace the challenge and get excited because I know I’m writing one heck of an autobiography.

The “don’t sweat it” lifestyle is helping me to live my happiest and healthiest life. It’s even helped me to cope with some anxiety I’ve developed during my school years. I sleep better. I smile more. I trust that everything always works out in the best possible way. I don’t sweat it.