Patchology products: To buy or not to buy 

Contributing Writer | Lila Gallagher 

Video Contributor | Breona Winn 


Patchology is a conscious beauty brand concerned with both caring for your skin and for the environment. Self-care and sustainability go hand and hand for this brand. The company has been certified Climate Neutral and Cruelty Free by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). On top of their effort to keep the planet clean, Patchology caters to the ultimate self-care day with their easy-to-use products.  

The Good Fight – $5 

Lila’s Review: Keeping stress at bay during the week is one tough task. The Good Fight, as its name implies, puts up a fight against the intense pressure and strain of each week using tea tree and peppermint to calm my mind and my skin. After using this mask, my skin felt immediately moisturized without feeling heavy and oily. During these upcoming weeks, midterms have me feeling overwhelmed. The Good Fight’s ingredients, specifically the Willow Bark, will come in handy as my skin responds to my rising stress levels.  

Just Let it Glow – $5 

Breona’s Review: This is by far the most impressive sheet face mask that I have ever used. The mask left my skin feeling and looking hydrated and glowing. The best part of the mask was the smell. As the mask sat on my face, I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and imagine myself in the middle of an apple orchard in late October. The masks contain pear fruit and seaberry extracts. 

Lila’s Review: Since beginning college in August, my sleep schedule has been a little all over the place. Just Let it Glow is meant to target the tired, “no-sleep” look, and I believe that is exactly what it did. This product contains niacinamide, a form of vitamin B, left my skin feeling glowing. I felt that this mask lightened my face, adding a dewy, hydrated look to my skin.  

Beauty Sleep – $10 

Lila’s Review: Although this mask Is in a higher price range, the Beauty Sleep Hydrogel was by far my favorite from the products I tried. As I am not the biggest fan of the paper-like consistency of sheet masks, the refreshing gel added a cooling aspect to my self-care experience. This mask includes retinol and centella asiatica, both help to combat aging. This is one product I would gladly spend all my money on. 

Chill Mode – $10  

Lila’s Review: Imagine you’re on vacation at your favorite exotic resort, you book a morning massage and they place cucumbers over your eyes. This mask transported me to my dream resort, doing exactly that. Like the Beauty Sleep mask, Chill Mode also uses a hydrogel material. The slight cucumber scent added to the calming experience this mask provided. After use, my skin ultimately felt less irritated. Living in a dorm, my skin tends to act up on a whim, the Chill Mode mask seemed to combat those everyday struggles my skin faces.  

Illuminate Illuminator – $8 

Lila’s Review: As someone with a very fair complexion, my skin can’t afford to spend hours baking in the sun. Thankfully, the Illuminate Illuminator sheet mask provided me with a glowy, sun kissed look after only five minutes and zero sun damage. My skin looked brighter and fresh after wearing this mask, something many of us will need in the upcoming fall and winter season.  

Rosé – $8 

Lila’s Review: If you think you have been forgetting something from your girls night list, it’s this mask. The Rosé sheet mask is both cute and revitalizing. At first glance, this pink sheet mask screams spa-day, and it only gets better from there. I loved the hint of rose petals wafting from this mask, all while it fought against inflammation in my T-zone, stripping the redness from my irritated areas.  

Clean AF – $20 

Breona’s Review: You know what is better than a night in bed while binge-watching your favorite show? A night in bed with the Clean AF facial cleansing wipes while binge-watching your favorite show. These wipes take skin care to the next level. Not only are they packed with many moisturizing elements, they smell so clean and are extremely refreshing to the skin. This is a product I will keep in my nightstand for those nights when I don’t feel like doing my full skincare routine and just want to crawl in bed. These wipes left my skin feeling soft, moisturized, and cleansed. 

Flashpatch Restoring Night Under Eye Gels – $40 

Breona’s Review: Beauty sleep is something that I find much joy in. The Flashpatch Restoring Night Under Eye Gels are the perfect addition to my night time routine. The arnica extract in the gels work to soothe tired eyes and help you fall asleep faster. After removing the eye gels and rubbing the excess serum into my skin, I noticed that my under-eye circles appeared a little lighter than normal. Not only that, but my skin felt more moisturized under my eyes than anywhere else on my skin. 

We think it’s safe to say that Patchology is Alice approved. From clarifying to anti-aging, Patchology has so many products that can accommodate almost all skin types. So, grab your girlfriends, pick out a few movies, order takeout and a couple of Patchology products to spice up your next self-care girl’s night.