Slip Into Spring With These Four Graphic Eyeliner Looks

Grace Owens | Beauty Editor

It’s April, which means Spring has finally sprung! Ring in the season filled with warm weather, sun dresses and most importantly, great makeup looks. Graphic liners are on-trend, so we’ve got some of the most exciting, yet easy to replicate looks to spruce up your springtime fashion.

If one wants a punchy eyeliner look with lots of negative space, this looks by christianschild on Instagram is perfect!
This look uses only two colors of crème eyeliner and a black liquid liner, and we think Colourpop’s crème gel eyeliners would be great for this. They have a wide range of colors, which would be perfect for coordinating with a favorite outfit. To recreate this look, line the crease of the eye and extend the line down the browbone with the first graphic eyeliner. With the second color, line the bottom lash line from the inner corner to the middle of the eye. Take this line around the inner corner to the upper lash line, extending the line to meet the other liner at a point. Then, take the second liner a bit under the first liner color to thicken the line at this point. Finish off this look with black liquid liner in a small cat’s eye wing, and a touch of champagne-colored inner corner highlighter and the mascara or false lashes one prefers.

Perfect for a garden party, the second look, seen on kelseyhopmanmakeup on Instagram, is a mesmerizing wash of shimmer all over and makes a statement with graphic liner below the eye. To get this look, use a shimmer all over the eye, up to the browbone and down through the hollow below the eye.
For this, Colourpop’s Jelly Much eyeshadows layered under Bodyography’s Glitter Pigments would be perfect for this task. Then, choose a liner with a matching colored mascara, such as maroon, blue or a deep green.
With the liner, line the bottom lash line from the inner corner to extend past the browbone and use the same liner to create a usual cat’s eye. Finally, top off the look with a matching mascara to finish off this slightly monochromatic look that’s sure to turn some heads!

Inspired by the popular bow trend of the last few months, this dainty look by on Instagram is sure to be the focal point of any outfit!
Start out with a wash of light pink all over the eye; this can even be done with the same blush for a monochromatic look. Next, grab a liquid eyeliner with a sharp tip, we recommend the NYX Vivid Brights Longwear Liquid Liners as they come in a variety of fun colors. With the eyeliner, draw a curved line from the inner corner all the way to the outside edge of the eyelid, almost directly under the tip of the eyebrow. Now, with steady hands, draw a tiny bow on the outer eyelid connecting to the previous line. Make the bow pop with a white dot in the middle of the bow and a white tightline on the lower lash line. Finally, finish off this look with a black winged liner and a favorite mascara or false lashes.
This intricate eyeliner is a perfect complement to any outfit—one can even lean further into the look with a hairbow or some bow-shaped earrings!

The last look, seen on glowbysoph on Instagram is a dazzling sparkly purple look with two different tones of lilac.
Start this look with a heavy wash of light purple sparkly eyeshadow all over the eyelid, taking it up onto the browbone and a bit beyond the outer corner of the eye. Then, use a sparkly liquid liner or a pressed glitter eyeshadow with a small eyeshadow brush in a darker purple. We recommend the Afrogalactic Glitter Eyeliner from Juvia’s place for a liquid option or Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows for a pressed powder.
Finish off this look with a lighter mascara than usual to give the beautiful eyes their due diligence and allow this sparkly look to really pop!

These graphic eyeliner and shadow looks are all perfect for spring. Whether you follow these looks to a tee or switch it up with what you have on hand, you’ll be sure to turn a few heads!


Grace Owens is a senior majoring in Public Relations and English. She is currently the Beauty Editor for Alice. Originally from Dothan, Alabama, she hopes to pursue a career in media relations.