by Anna Klement

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s. Also known as the time to consume three times the amount of carbs you would in any other season. But it’s 2018. Now what? It’s the perfect time to hit reset and start fresh. Don’t limit your resolutions to “get more organized” and “eat healthier.”

If you haven’t gotten serious about taking care of your skin before, 2018 is the year to begin. In a world of excess and pristine marketing concepts, it’s easy to get wrapped up into being a product junkie when it comes to the billion-dollar cosmeceutical industry. Every product claims to correct something. The internet leaks with celebrity secrets for flawless skin. Maybe the solution isn’t finding the right product but rather determining the process and dedication that goes into maintaining your beautiful complexion. After all, good skin will blossom from the inside, which means you should be taking care of your body if you want healthy skin.

Resolution #1: Less is more.

As the introduction to this article stated, our world is obsessed with products. I admit, my bathroom is filled with products I bought to “experiment” with and never touched again. I’ve tried almost every serum on the market to learn my skin doesn’t suffer without one. Women with the most beautiful faces stick to a few simple tricks that work and alter slightly with the seasons, I’ve learned. Time for a spring cleaning in January, which brings me to the next one…


Resolution #2: Don’t believe (all) the hype.

It’s very easy to get caught up in sponsored articles and videos with perfect product placement and even more perfect representatives claiming, “This is the one product I can’t live without!” However, what works for me may not work for you. Always take what you read with a grain of salt — and that goes for anything you read online.

Resolution #3: Vow to take care of your entire body this year.

We tend to focus on our face and neck area because it’s the most noticeable. It is just as important to rejuvenate the rest of your body as well. Regular exfoliation, moisturizing (especially after a shower or bath) and even massages conceive improved blood flow, which will make your skin appear more firm. “Thou shall use thy dry brush every morning to promote circulation.”

Resolution #4: ALWAYS wash your face at night.

This is a toughie but a must-ie. It’s the golden rule of good skin. Even if you’re drunkenly wiping your makeup off with water and a towel, put in the effort. Unless, of course, you like waking up with a surprise breakout on your face.

Resolution #5: Do your research.

This goes hand and hand with the “Don’t believe the hype” resolution. Read about the ingredients and the brand you’re interested in. Organic doesn’t mean better for you. There are brands out there that can benefit your skin if you look for the right ingredients. Eliminate toxic products.

Resolution #6: Build a routine.

Less is more, but everyone should have a process. No one is forcing you to uncomfortably lean over your sink and splash water on your face causing everything on your counter to get wet and frantically search for a rag to dry your face. A simple toner or micellar water and cotton swab is probably perfectly acceptable for daily use and getting the previous night’s dirt off. Next, always hydrate your skin (especially in the winter!). Whether it’s with serum, oil or non-oily creams, let your skin drink up. Not only does your body crave water, but your face does too. Hint: Applying moisturizer before putting on makeup will make your skin blend better with the foundation.

Maybe next year we’ll make room for makeup resolutions, but for now, these tips will help you glow without that cakey bronzer.

photos by Prestley Bramlett