Stocking Up 

Easy and affordable cosmetics for the gift-giving season 

Writing contributor | Lila Gallagher  


Although the holiday season is supposed to be merry and bright, winter is also known for causing stress, anxiety and nervousness. Holiday shopping can have a Hunger Games persona. When the stress runs too high, shopping can turn into survival of the fittest. In an effort to lessen the negative effects of preparing for this season, we’ve brainstormed the best stocking stuffer ideas, sure to add joy to your Christmas morning.  


Flawless Ice Roller by Finishing Touch – $9.99 

In the beauty world, cheap doesn’t have to mean bad quality. While buying your friends or family members an over-priced professional massage isn’t the most appealing concept, this ice roller combines massage and ice therapy in one small device. Still not convinced? This ice roller is not for your face only, but can be used all over your body for instant relaxation.  


Rhinestone Hair Clips Set by Anthropologie – $32 

There is no such thing as too many rhinestones, and Anthropologie agrees. This set is perfect for the holiday season, or simply just a night out. With seven clips included in the set, there is a clip for every day of the week; Never-ending sparkles. The rhinestone clips are available in four different colors so every hair color, from blonde to auburn, can rock these perfect pins.  


KITSCH Satin Heatless Curling Set by UO – $16 

If you have a Tik Tok account, you know heatless curls are back and trending, and your hair is better off because of it. Should you choose to listen to any Alice advice, let it be this. If you have the opportunity to wake up looking ready to walk the runway, why not take it? These heatless curls prevent breakage and keep your hair feeling silky smooth, now is your opportunity to switch out those damaging curling wands for an easier, healthier alternative.  


Bath Drops by Fur Skincare  – $38 

A relaxing bath can only get better with a hydrating bath bomb, or three. These nourishing bath drops, taking place of sometimes chemical-filled bath bombs, fill your skin with softening oils while providing the perfect finishing touch to a spa day. 


Candy Cane Body Scrub by Tree Hut – $10.49 

Whoever receives this candy cane-scented exfoliating scrub will be transported to a winter wonderland within seconds. In a mix of all-natural ingredients, Tree Hut offers the whole holiday package: affordable and festive. Body Scrubs, even if you’d rather not smell of holiday treats, are the perfect and easiest addition to a fluffy stocking in 2022.  


Eye Patches by Skyn Iceland – $16 

$16 might seem a bit pricey at first glance but wait until you learn that these eye patches are dissolving and micro needling. Skyn Iceland knows how to one-up the eye patch industry. As if your spa day wasn’t relaxing enough, these high-tech patches not only aid in relaxation but also boost the smooth appearance of the area treated.  


Hopefully, after reading this, you now know the exact stocking stuffers you need to invest in this holiday season. Gift-givers, may the odds be ever in your favor. Happy Holidays. 

Lila Gallagher is a writing contributor for Alice Magazine. She is from Los Angeles, California, and is a freshman at The University of Alabama. She is a lover of all things beauty, so she is more than happy to be writing for the beauty channel of this magazine.