A Plus-Sized Girl’s Guide to Summer Clothing

by: Dani Rouseau


As the warm weather intensifies, swapping out jeans for daisy dukes and sweatshirts for
tank tops may seem like the obvious solution. However, for plus-sized girlies, summer fashion is
not always so straightforward. Uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even painful issues like
chafing, visible sweat marks, and a lack of options can put a damper on summer fun. Since
everyone should feel completely free to wear the clothing that makes them feel their best all year
round, here are some tips and suggestions for plus-size women interested in putting their best
foot forward this summer.

Chafing & Sweat

To confront that uncomfortable sensation of thighs rubbing together, wearing biker shorts
beneath skirts and dresses may help. Anti-chafe powder or sticks, like Gold Bond Friction
Defense, can also come in handy for areas other than between the thighs. In a pinch, applying
deodorant between the thighs can also reduce friction.
Plus-size fashion influencer Georgina Grogan also recommends anti-chafing shorts and
liners from the brand Chaffree, which uses a special material to both cool the skin and prevent
To combat sweat, plus-size influencer Kay Mollah, advises applying antiperspirant or
deodorant not only to the armpits, but also beneath breasts, on the back, behind the knees or
anywhere sweating occurs.

Of all the challenges facing those looking for adequate plus-size summer clothing,
finding a good pair of shorts can be one of the most difficult. For those searching for size-
inclusive shorts brands, Abercrombie & Fitch offers up to a size 37 in denim shorts, and H&M
offers shorts up to a size 30.
If longer shorts are preferred, Simply Be has Bermuda shorts in up to a size 32. If none of
these options are suitable, feel free to check out this article from Cosmopolitan on more plus-size
shorts options.

Light and flowy summer dresses and long skirts are also a good option for those who
want to stay cool without having to hunt for a pair of shorts. Grogan names Hell Bunny and Lady
V London, both of which use vibrant patterns and colors for their dresses, as two of her favorite
plus-size dress brands. Grogan and Mollah both recommend wearing light, airy and breathable
fabrics to ensure comfort in hot weather.

These tips and suggestions aim to be useful for plus-sized women this summer, but the
most important thing is to dress in a way that feels the most comfortable. Show as much skin as
desired, or not at all. Wear skirts or shorts, sleeves or strapless styles as long as it provides
comfort and confidence. Putting the best foot forward always means following the path that feels