by Lota Erinne

The temperature has dropped, the sky is flat gray, and the fun, upbeat pop songs that served as the soundtrack to your summer just don’t feel right anymore. Of course you don’t have to hide your Ariana Grande albums until spring, but it’s nice to change the mood of your playlists to fit the weather. Here are a few albums to help with that transition.

Freudian – Daniel Caesar – link here

Daniel Caesar’s debut album, deeply rooted in gospel and R&B, is packed with tunes that pair perfectly with any lazy Sunday afternoon. Each song details the joy and despair of falling in and out of love. His lyrics are beautiful, poignant and a tad cliché at times but ultimately relatable.

Personal faves: Blessed, We Find Love, Best Part

Telefone – Noname – link here

Noname is a rapper and slam poet who you may have heard killing it on a few Chance the Rapper tracks. Her debut album is centered around important telephone conversations she’s had throughout her life, with songs describing black women’s pain and the struggles of growing up in Chicago. This album brings rap and poetry together in a way that is thought-provoking and uniquely intimate.

Personal faves: Diddy Bop, Reality Check, Forever

Currents – Tame Impala – link here

This is definitely not a new or lesser-known album, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list. The psychedelic, distorted melodies are timeless, so until Tame Impala blesses us with new release, this album will remain in constant rotation.

Personal faves: Past Life, Cause I’m A Man, the Less I Know The Better

Portrait in Two – Chris McClenney – link here

23-year-old Chris McClenney grew up listening to jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop, and these influences come through strongly in the smooth melodies and jazzy piano riffs that pervade his debut album. Even though the spoken word interludes are a little eye roll-inducing at times, he touches on themes of insecurity and stifled creativity that will resonate with anyone.

Personal faves: Otherside, Headlines, Pearl

Drunk – Thundercat – link here

By age 15, bass guitarist Thundercat had a minor hit in Germany as the member of a boy band. Nearly 20 years later, he’s still breaking records and collecting awards, such as a Grammy for his work on Kendrick Lamar’s “These Walls.” His album Drunk is packed with enough jazzy melodies and funky bass riffs to carry you through the winter.

Personal faves: Rabbot Ho, Jethro, Walk on By, The Turn Down

Just Cosmo – Cosmo Pyke – link here

British singer/songwriter Cosmo Pyke’s EP is a warm, carefree documentation of youth and his own personal experiences. Every track is relaxed, thoughtful and strikingly sincere.

Personal faves: Chronic Sunshine, After School Club, Social Sites

SALES LP – SALES – link here

The dreamlike melodies of this album will make you feel like you’re in a field staring up into a clear blue sky, or on a beach digging your toes into the sand, or lying in bed wrapped up in the world’s warmest blanket. My point is, it’ll send you straight to your happy place: Exactly where you want to spend these dreary January days.

Personal faves: Pope Is A Rockstar, Mondays, Seven’s Day, Sorry Bro

Just Give In / Never Going Home- Hazel English – link here

Hazel English’s airy vocals and delicate guitar make for a beautifully relaxing EP. Her unique brand of soft, dreamy pop music is fun, vibrant and refreshing.

Personal faves: More Like You, Make It Better, It’s Not Real

Everything You’ve Come To Expect- The Last Shadow Puppets – link here

Fans of Arctic Monkeys should enjoy this band, since they share a lead singer and have a very similar sound. The Last Shadow Puppets combine Arctic Monkeys’ signature upbeat guitars and silky vocals with sentimental, expressive lyrics to create a fresh new sound.

Personal faves: Dracula Teeth, Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Next Thing – Frankie Cosmos – link here

This album is one of those that feels like you’re sitting in the room with the artist listening to them write and record music on the spot. It’s intimate and raw, without being overpoweringly cheesy.

Personal faves: If I Had A Dog, Fool, Sinister (cover photo link here)