By Schuyler Rosson

From organization to ambiance, this guide will provide tips and tricks to spice up working from home in the Zoom era. These are my go-tos that  make endless Zoom calls a little more manageable.

Papier Planner & Stationery

The Jag Planner

Full of Heart

Organization is vital, especially when managing back-to-back Zoom calls with various links and meeting IDs. In an effort to adapt to the era of online dependency, my planner and journal have become my lifeline. With nearly every aspect of daily life done virtually, managing my schedule outside of the computer gives me a much-needed break from the screen. I had previously struggled to find a planner that sparks excitement but isn’t overloaded with structure and distracting layouts.  Papier perfectly executes the balance between artful designs and straightforward formatting. All of the design elements can be tailored to fit your unique set of needs; anything from the color scheme to the lettering can be personalized and adjusted to you. I’m currently loving using the “Jag Planner” in tandem with the “Full of Heart” lined journal. This duo keeps my schedule clearly outlined and designates a space for unfiltered thoughts and ideas. I love the way they both look on my desk; the colorful pieces make working from home a bit brighter.



Basic but effective, Airpods are a must. Anyone that has Airpods knows that there is no going back, and other earbuds simply will not do. Airpods are the best way to tune out background noise and focus on the Zoom meeting ahead. They can conveniently be stored in between meetings, and they can always be returned to their place with the magnetic case. Because there is no annoying wire, they are discrete and accessible without being distracting on camera. Airpods can easily be charged with a USB, even from your computer directly. They are tried and true and have become an absolute necessity of mine.

Fuzzy Socks

Foot Cardigan

I’m not sure what it is about spending hours on end in front of a desk that leaves my feet freezing. Cue the Target fuzzy socks addiction. Since starting college, my grandmother has sent me care packages, each one complete with a pair or two of fuzzy socks from Target. I have patterns ranging from pandas to polka dots and everything in between. My one complaint about the Target socks is that at times they can be bulky.

Although I will always love Target fuzzy socks, a new pair from another brand that I received for Christmas has been quite the game-changer. Originally featured on Shark Tank, Foot Cardigan produces aloe-infused fuzzy socks. Not only do these socks feel buttery and delicious but they actually hydrate and soften your feet as you wear them. I find these socks to be a lighter alternative that fits well into Uggs and slippers but still maintains a quality level of comfort and warmth. My grandmother seems to be quite the trendsetter in the sock department, and my feet and I are forever thankful.

Saje Refresh Oil

Saje Refresh Oil Blend

As a born and bred Californian, I have swapped out burning candles for the next best thing: a scent diffuser. Although essential oils do not spark the same nostalgia as seasonal candles, they require less supervision and, in my opinion, are much more aesthetically pleasing. To set the tone for the workday, I use the Saje Refresh Essential Oil blend. The oil is an invigorating cocktail of spearmint, lemon and eucalyptus. It’s soothing and calm yet refreshingly bright and energizing. The blend promotes productivity and concentration while creating the perfect ambiance to get things done.  As many of us continue on the endless quest for adequate Zoom lighting, this is where the blessing of dimmer steps in. I appreciate that the scent diffuser operates with lighting as well as without. Saje is home to the mecca of essential oils, blends and diffusers. For those that want a scent to spark concentration and productivity, I would recommend browsing the “energy” blends and testing out the beloved Refresh oil.

Rosebud Salve

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

You no longer have to sprint in between Zoom calls to grab hand cream or chapstick– all of your beauty needs are conveniently taken care of in one multipurpose balm. Introducing the iconic Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Since 1895, Smith’s has produced the multipurpose beauty balm that has been an essential for my mother ever since I can remember. Growing up, the signature retro metal tin could always be found in her purse or on her nightstand. At one point in time, I’m fairly sure my grandmother even went through two tins in a month.  It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized the versatility and sheer genius of this product. Not only does it smell like fresh rose, but it is the best cure-all for any beauty or cosmetic need one might have while Zooming. I find myself applying it multiple times throughout the day for anything from chapped lips to split ends. In an effort to heal my hands from excessive writing and typing, I will use the Rosebud Salve to protect against any small cuts and combat dryness. I most frequently use the salve as a lip balm since its long-lasting moisture hydrates and plumps the lips without causing irritation. It also gives the lips an effortless sheen, so you can easily touch up in between Zoom calls. There are endless uses for the balm that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of, but I can assure you Smith’s Rosebud Salve has you covered for whatever your need is.

Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Warby Parker Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses

Prior to purchasing blue-light glasses, I would frequently get pounding headaches after an hour or so of committed computer work. Now, with far more than homework being online, blue-light glasses are the best way to avoid Zoom fatigue and protect your eyes from harmful rays. Almost all prescription lenses come with the option to purchase blue-light lenses, which I would highly recommend for those like myself that wear prescription glasses. However, if you are lucky enough to not be visually impaired, blue-light glasses are a perfect way to accessorize your Zoom attire from the waist up. For those that want to invest in a quality pair of glasses, I would recommend checking out Warby Parker. Warby Parker offers free at-home try-on, allowing you to test out up to six pairs of glasses and keep the pair that suits you best. All Warby Parker glasses have the option of blue-light-filtering lenses. For those that aren’t ready to commit to one pair, Amazon has tons of affordable options for you to test out.