Nutpods Review  

Jennafer Bowman, Evy Gallagher and Beth Wheeler 

Nutpods is a dairy-free creamer alternative, that launched in 2015. With oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk-based coffee creamers, the brand is third-party certified meaning their labels were determined by a non-affiliated company, ensuring the safety of consumers. The creamers are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and Whole 30 approved and kosher. According to their website, Nutpods uses only nine ingredients or less in every product, they have an environment, social change and governance pledge and their packaging are plant-based.   

 The team at Nutpods was kind enough to send Alice some products. Our Editor-in-Chief, Jennafer Bowman, Managing Editor, Evy Gallagher and Marketing Editor, Beth Wheeler got together to review each of the creamers, both mixed in coffee and just straight up. 

Below you’ll find their reviews of both sweetened and unsweetened creamers.

Sweetened French Vanilla 

Evy’s Review: Personally, I’m not a sweet coffee person, but if you are, Nutpods Sweetened French Vanilla is creamy and luscious. It doesn’t have the sickly-sweet vanilla flavor that competing brands offer, but more a more mellow and natural flavor that almost makes it seem high-class. Can a creamer be classy? I’ll say yes.

Jen’s Review: Fortunately, I love a good sweet coffee. Do I crave a nice black coffee every once in a while? Of course, but the sweeter the better. This creamer is creamy and almost soft to the taste. The vanilla is subtle but still gets the point across. I did think I needed to add a bit extra than the serving size to get the sweetness I wanted, but it was worth it.

Sweetened Sweet Crème    

Evy’s Review: Not to name-drop, but Starbucks may need to step up its game. This is what sweet crème should taste like. Not too milky and not too sweet. It would be the perfect addition to make the one and only… cold brew with sweet crème cold foam, but dairy-free this time.   

 Jen’s Review: I have never in my life tasted a creamer that I could drink straight from the bottle. This completely dairy-free Sweet Crème creamer is life-changing in the coffee world. It was ridiculously smooth with just enough sweet flavor that it won’t be mistaken for vanilla. The perfect balance of milk and sweetness.  

Sweetened Cookie Butter  

Evy’s Review: This is about as close to Speculoos as you can get without actually eating it. It truly amazes how spot-on a flavor can be while still being sugar-free and Whole 30-approved. If you’re wanting a coffee treat, imagine frothing Sweetened Cookie Butter with your milk of choice and making the coziest and most delicious latte you’ve ever had.  

Beth’s Review: One of my personal favorites for the fall and winter seasons, this creamer hits all the high points for me: delicious, accurate flavor, sugar-free and dairy-free. It is a nutty and sweet flavor with warm undertones that most definitely taste like a freshly baked brown butter cookie. This creamer is perfect for the sweets-lover whether you want to change up your daily Chai or sweeten up your go-to latte.   


Unsweetened French Vanilla  

Evy’s Review: The unsweetened French Vanilla is one of my holy grails. I personally believe you can never go wrong with a vanilla latte. Some may say that’s boring but with French Vanilla Nutpods… my matcha tastes like lucky charms and there’s absolutely nothing boring about that.  

Beth’s Review: If you love French Vanilla, but don’t love super sweet coffee, this is for you. This creamer is an automatic staple in my list due to its sweet and smooth French Vanilla flavor that is not as potent as a typical creamer. It provides such a great creamy flavor while still being nutty and neutral—did I mention how much healthier it is as well?  

Unsweetened Original   

Evy’s Review: There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ classic creamer, it’s extremely reliable. This is for the people who love a splash of half-n-half in their coffee but are looking for a dairy-free alternative. Original Nutpods will be your new half-n-half, in fact, you won’t even miss half-n-half, it’s that good.  

Beth’s Review: Whether you’re a sweet or non-sweet coffee drinker, this original creamer works as an excellent substitute to milk or half and half. Nutty and fresh, it adds a wholesome feel to any drink and just the right amount of creaminess.  

Unsweetened Caramel  

Jen’s Review: It should be noted that I dislike most things caramel flavored. While I expected this creamer to have little to no sweetness, I was pleasantly surprised that it had a hint of sweetness to it. The creamer is rich yet not overpowering. It did have something missing from it and while I can’t put my finger on it, a salted caramel version might just do it.  

Beth’s Review: Caramel is a staple flavor for anything, and Nutpods hit the head on the nail with this one. It is velvety, rich and smooth and provides the perfect amount of caramel flavor.  

Unsweetened Hazelnut  

Evy’s Review: Nutty and sophisticated. A hazelnut latte is a power move. It screams, I’m a corporate boss but I still like a little bit of fun. There’s just something about it, it’s almost mysterious because you can’t quite pinpoint the flavor. A Hazelnut Nutpods latte is the next step to becoming a polished and refined CEO.  

Beth’s Review: Personally, hazelnut is my all-time favorite flavor and the hazelnut creamer from Nutpods does not fail me. This hazelnut is nutty and smooth—providing a perfect creamy balance to any coffee. It is an automatic go-to and I, personally, will need about 25 more bottles.  

Unsweetened Coffee Cake  

Evy’s Review: If you were the kid that liked slurping leftover milk from a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, this is absolutely the kind of creamer you need. It’s not sweetened but still oh-so-good. It makes coffee taste like you’re sitting in a cabin by the fireplace with fleece pajamas on while snow is falling outside. Perfectly delicious.  

Jen’s Review: This creamer has changed my mind about unsweetened creamers. The flavor packs a punch of warm cinnamon and sweet vanilla, the best flavors in my opinion. This should be a must-buy for anyone looking for an unsweetened creamer. Honestly, my mouth’s watering thinking about it right now. 

Unsweetened Original Barista Oatmilk   

Jen’s Review: Recently, I have become an oat milk lover so when we opened the box to find this, I was extremely excited to try it. This creamer is oh, so smooth and would blend nicely with most coffee flavors. Any self-proclaimed barista or latte lover should have this in their arsenal. 

Beth’s Review: A ton of oat milk that I have tried tastes a bit chemically and overloaded, but this one is perfectly smooth and fresh. Nutpods did a wonderful job of creating a classic oat milk alternative that doesn’t leave me feeling bloated or unsatisfied.  

Unsweetened Cinnamon Dolce Barista Oatmilk   

Evy’s Review: The Cinnamon Dolce Barista Oatmilk is perfection. It essentially tastes like a cinnamon roll and I’d say that’s a win. I imagine making festive holiday lattes for my family with this oat milk and I think you should too.  

Beth’s Review: If you love their Original Barista Oatmilk and want to take it a step further, this is for you. It tastes like the milk left over from cereal, adds the perfect sweetness and is extremely creamy due to its oatmeal nature. This is a win for my holiday drinks.  

Nutpods can be purchased individually or in variety packs at most local grocery stores, on Amazon or through their website. Thank you Nutpods for sending us these goodies!

Jennafer Bowman serves as our Editor-in-Chief. Throughout her four years with Alice, she has written multiple stories for both our digital and print channels, and contributed to our social media team. Originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, she is a current senior studying public relations with a minor in creative writing. She has previously served as our Lifestyle and Managing Editor.  

Evy Gallagher currently serves as our Managing Editor. Throughout her three years with Alice, she has served as our Food & Health Editor, worked for the social media team and currently writes for both digital and print channels. Originally from Manhattan Beach, California, she is a current junior studying news media with a minor in psychology. 

Beth Wheeler serves as our Marketing Editor. A rising senior from Dothan, Alabama, she is an interior design major with minors in both criminal justice and general business. Previously, she has served as the Beauty Editor, this is her second year with Alice.