By Claire Dubreuil

The end of summer 2021 is signifying a return to many things we’ve lived without over the past year. Football games, in-person classes and big parties are only some of the things college students have to look forward to this fall semester. Along with the return of these other norms comes a long-awaited revival of music festivals.

After a 16-month drought, our Instagram feeds will once again be blessed by a never-ending stream of glittery, colorful festival pics. We’ll return to spending every Sunday night scrolling, deepening our FOMO with each double-tap. The lucky festival-goers will acquire record-breaking numbers of likes, but we all know that the most important part of the post-festival Instagram recap is the outfits. People like to go all-out in their festival fashion, and for good reason. There is no better place to test an outlandish trend or over-the-top piece than a music festival.

Nonconformity is the refusal to adhere to the established norm or practice. After a year in sweatpants, people are feeling especially creative and ready to dress outside of the box. This year’s festival season is predicted to bring even more outlandish styles and costumes than ever before. Trends like huge, oversized hats and crazy Halloween costumes will likely be the norm at most music festivals. Next time you head to fill your Princess Polly cart, take this festival season as an opportunity to explore some new and unique styles.

Maybe for you, going out of your comfort zone looks like bright, contrasting colors.

Maybe, it means throwing together a crazy, awe-inspiring outfit,

Or showing a little more skin than you normally would.

Perhaps for you, less is more, and going with a more understated look will actually make you pop.

Music festivals are the time to think outside the box and try out a trend you wouldn’t dare to wear on a normal day to class. Above all, though, the most important thing is that you feel confident and fabulous in your festival ‘fits. As you’re packing and organizing looks for the upcoming season, here are a few tips:

  • Dress for comfort, and dress for the weather: It’s been a while since the last festival season, so it’s easy to forget those festivals are, in reality, not very glamorous. They’re usually hot and muddy days of sitting on dirt or eating standing up. All of that is just part of the experience, but you might as well be comfortable while roughing it on the festival grounds. Maybe swap out your leather pants for a satin jogger, or go with a loose, flowy dress instead of a skin-tight outfit this year. Also, remember to dress for the weather. If you’re headed to Music Midtown in September, you probably won’t want to go for a long sleeve. Grab your favorite tank, instead.
  • Be prepared for RAIN: If there’s one thing that stays constant at most music festivals, it’s the eternal truth that many times, it rains. To combat this unfortunate pattern, some people opt to buy a cheap pair of fun shoes and pretty much plan to never wear them again in preparation for the fact that they might get ruined. Others incorporate rain-friendly pieces into their outfits to get ahead of a bad weather day. No matter how you decide to come prepared, a clear poncho is always a must-have.
  • Add accessories for a budget-friendly way to amplify your look: Accessories are in this season. Everywhere I look, I see people having fun with huge gold hoops, stacked rings and studded sunglasses. Go crazy with face gem art, or keep it classic with a layer of shiny necklaces. Adding an absurd amount of accessories can allow you to pull pieces from your closet and spice them up to festival-level fabulousness without breaking the bank.
  • Incorporate a bag or fanny pack into your look that can accommodate all your essentials: There are so many cute bags out there, and the last thing you want to do is end up without a convenient way to carry around everything you need to get through the day. The top essentials: wallet, water bottle, sunscreen, charger and maybe a small blanket to sit on if it fits.

The 2021 festival season is scheduled to be one of outlandish costumes, glittery accessories and of course a ton of amazing music. Be sure to take all of these fashion tips and make the very most of the upcoming season. Your followers can’t wait to see the pics.