Budget Friendly Holiday Fits

Madison Miller | Writing Contributor

‘Tis the holiday season, a time for making gingerbread houses, perfectly wrapped presents, champagne toasts and making fresh New Year’s resolutions. The holidays are for being with your family and friends and for making memories with your loved ones. A vital part of the season is making sure you look your best at every holiday function. Finding classy holidays fits when your whole budget is being spent on presents for everyone can be a struggle, so here is some advice to point you in the right direction to alleviate that holiday stress.


The Busy Season

Main staples of the holiday season are festive cocktail dresses and snug sweaters. Budgeting will allow you to wear classy outfits this season and have the money to spare to spoil the people you love most. Prioritizing balancing money for your fashion needs and having leftover money for gifts and all the expenses life throws at you is important for your financial happiness and needs. According to an article on the Holiday Outlook by PwC.com, “Consumers will increase spending by a healthy 7% this year so allocating an average of $1,530 for gifts, travel and entertainment,” so that is why picking cheaper clothing alternatives this holiday season is a must. Between Christmas dinner, NYE parties and going to see the twinkling Christmas lights this season there are plenty of events requiring a winter wardrobe. A cozy jacket, cute scarf and a stunning dress will keep you warm and stylish throughout these chilly months.


Perfect Holiday Dress

A show-stopping dress is a necessity for any party and to be a proper holiday dress it must be festive. A Christmas dress needs to be the traditional red or green, but with a flair such as intricate patterns or ruffles, while the epitome of a New Year’s Eve dress needs sparkles and to shine when you move. ASOS.com is a personal favorite site that has a range of affordable fashions that are versatile and unique. The links below are beautiful options for holiday dress, just make sure to add your favorite jacket!


Online Places to Shop

A fan favorite to find inexpensive stylish winter clothes in person are your local boutiques sales’ racks. They usually have a good deal of items with their prices slashed and even some jewelry to style your outfits. Sleek gold jewelry adds some of that much needed sparkle without busting the budget, and it will spice up your outfit and make it classier. Online stores can be overwhelming when trying to find a perfect outfit specific to your style and budget needs, but if you know where to look, finding the right items can be easy. SavingAdvice.com emphasized “where to buy cheap winter clothes so you don’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered.” Their article about helping you save this season lists sites to shop such as Walmart, Poshmark and Amazon. Walmart sometimes can get a bad rap, but recently they have stepped up their online inventory. They have affordable winter options from themselves and other retailers. Poshmark is a good option for sustainable fashion lovers. Secondhand fashion provides people with a wider variety of unique and vintage options. Finally, a very convenient site is Amazon that usually has dupes of more expensive brands of clothing and has every option imaginable for clothing.


Jingle Bells and Steals

The holiday season inevitably will be insanely busy but taking time to find budget friendly outfits is a surefire way to help you pinch pennies. Looking your best and feeling your best is a great confidence boost and wearing stylish budget-friendly clothing can assist you in that. A head-turning outfit can be achieved while ballin’ on a budget. Just make you look at budget friendly sites, boutique sales rack and shop second-hand to achieve your perfect cost-effective look.


Madison Miller is currently a sophomore studying communication studies with a minor in advertising. Fun fact about Madison is that she is a triplet. In her free time she loves to read and hang out with her friends.