Fashion in the Concrete Jungle  

New York Fashion Week is always turning heads from celebrities to new collections. 

Morinsola Kukoyi | Writing Contributor  


It is that time of the year again when I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw and clicking through the streets in my Manolo Blahniks. Reasonably, the best way that I can feel like this is to go through this year’s New York Fashion Week looks, which appeared in over thirty shows.   


New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the biggest fashion events in our society. It typically happens during a week in February and September. According to an article in Fashinza, it is a “semi annual series of events where buyers, the press, and the general public” are able to see fashion looks from all over the world. There are so many celebrities that like to pull out all of the stops when it comes to this high-end event. 


Janet Jackson recently graced her presence at Christian Siriano’s show, which happened to be day one of fashion week. Jackson was dressed in an all-black outfit. In an USA Today article, Jackson combines a sheer shirt with an oversized black jacket and a leather black purse to match the color scheme of her outfit. These pieces were designed by Siriano. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a black ensemble. The overall outfit is such a classic look, but Jackson makes it look phenomenal as ever. That shouldn’t be a surprise because she has always delivered in her outfits during her amazing career.  


Iconic 90s actress Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher Horowitz in the 1995 film, “Clueless”, was also present at NYFW adorning an all-black outfit.  Pictured in Hollywood Life, she is seen wearing a turtle neck dress with satin ruffles. Silverstone added some gold earrings as the finishing touch to her outfit. I am a fan of a black outfit, but an even bigger fan when gold earrings compliment the look. Every aspect of the outfit highlights Silverstone’s eternal beauty, reminding everyone of how iconic she has always been.  


I cannot mention Carrie Bradshaw without explaining my feelings on Sarah Jessica Parker’s appearance to this event. The Sex and the City icon sat front row at the Fendi and Marc Jacobs show while paying homage to her character.  


Photos, in an article from Footwear News, show that Parker was wearing Fendi and some vibrant blue satin heels from her own shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. Her checkered collared shirt and slip skirt are reminiscent of Bradshaw’s wardrobe from the ‘90s hit show. To make her outfit more like Bradshaw’s, Parker added a pink and white Fendi baguette purse, which she helped boost its popularity by wearing it in the show. According to a Forbes, became popular due to its appearance on the show. The bag was used as Bradshaw’s go-to purse. The outfit was a 2000s blast to the past, but a fashionable shout-out to the glamorous Carrie Bradshaw. 

Parker was at the Fendi show to promote her previously announced a collaboration with the brand. This collaboration is a SJPxFendi Baguette purse, which is very fitting towards her history with the bag. At the show, Parker sat between Kim Kardashian, which then caused a stir when Vogue’s Anna Wintour when she snubbed Kardashian for Parker.  


An interesting fact that relates is that the author Candace Bushnell was at several shows during fashion week. Bushnell was seated next to Kris Jenner, which parallels the picture of Kim Kardashian sitting next to Parker. 


Celebrities’ outfits are a big part of NYFW, but the reason it happens is because of all the different fashion collections.  


A collection that I was interested in seeing was Christian Siriano’s. From what I have heard, it has a lot of old Hollywood influences. In an article from Town and Country, Siriano says that he drew influences from Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Aubrey Hepburn, and other icons. I do think having his show in Taylor’s old townhouse only elevated the theme to higher heights. 


The collection contains pieces such as a grey suit that radiates a ’60s-styled outfit that women would have worn during a possible vacation in Italy. The outfit itself is very simple, yet sleek and trendy. To add to the suit, Siriano includes a wide-brimmed hat. Another piece is a top and skirt combo made from beautiful blush pink tulle with black outlines, it resembles old Vogue sketches. This outfit resembles the glamour of the Golden Age Hollywood Actresses. It is elegant and showcases a hint of femineity. 


New York Fashion Week will always be a moment in society where all fashion lovers come together to view new collections. I wonder what February 2023’s show will look like.   


Morinsola Kukoyi serves as one of our contributing writers. This is her second year with Alice, and she is excited to write more web content. From Hoover, Alabama, she is a junior studying creative media, with a minor in creative writing and digital consumer engagement.