Closet Staples for Those Twenty-Minutes-to-Get-Ready Mornings

Gabrielle Gunter | Fashion Editor

Whether you stay up until dawn or simply sleep through your alarm, you are bound to experience a morning where you are short on time. Here is a list of stylish yet simple items that you need in your closet for those fast paced mornings!

Longline Sports Bras
What better way to skip a step in the morning than by combining two? Longline sports bras provide the perfect illusion of a casual top while still providing the typical support of a sports bra. Aerie’s longline sports bras could even pass as a crop top! OFFLINE by Aerie’s Real Me longline sports bra is extremely versatile and would go well with any bottom you choose when you are rushing to get ready.

Baby Tees
While you cannot go wrong with throwing on a basic t-shirt in the morning, consider upgrading your closet to include baby tees. As Y2K fashion makes its return, the popularity of baby tees is on the rise. While you can opt for a simpler design, Cherry Kitten offers options with hilarious graphics such as “ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER SLAY” and “Hot girls have anxiety.” If athleisure is not your thing and you want to upgrade from plain t-shirts, baby tees are great alternative that still provides a quick and accessible outfit.

Tennis Skirts
If you have been keeping up with Bama Rush on TikTok, you have already seen a wide array of tennis skirts. Combined with a sports bra, tennis skirts provide a well put together look despite taking little time and planning. Gold Hinge pleated skirts are currently on trend; however, if you are looking for more inclusive sizing, Halara is the brand to checkout. According to Halara, their products are not just for “a select few.” While not every skirt Halara sells is offered in extended sizes, the ones that are available typically run from a size XS to a size 4X.

Instead of spending precious time brushing and styling your hair, utilize TELETIES hair ties to quickly pull your hair back and get on with your day. According to TELETIES, their hair ties are less damaging to your hair than traditional hair ties, which makes them a great alternative to the typical elastic hair tie. In addition to being healthier for your hair, TELETIES are much chicer in appearance than most hair ties which will help improve your look with minimal effort.

Tennis Shoes
When crunched for time, you do not have time to deal with the complicated straps and buckles on sandals or high heels. It is instead best to have a trusty pair of tennis shoes that you can easily slip on. In addition to being low effort to slip into, a basic pair of tennis shoes can go well with almost any look which is perfect for when you do not have time to coordinate a complex outfit. While on the pricier side, many choose HOKA tennis shoes as their daily pair. HOKA shoes provide high quality comfort and support which makes them great to wear daily. Even if you are lacking in time, HOKA tennis shoes are not lacking in quality.

Serving as the current Fashion Editor, Gabrielle Gunter is a junior studying English and women’s studies. Hailing from Jasper, Tennessee, Gabrielle hopes to use her time with Alice to grow as an editor and to write works that push her out of her comfort zone.