Rush Tok is back and we’re here to get you prepared for one of the biggest weeks of the year.  

Elena Giorgi | Writing Contributor 

Alabama’s Primary Sorority Recruitment, also known as “Bama Rush,” plagued TikTok users across the country last August with daily videos posted by women participating in recruitment.  

Outfit of the days, makeup tutorials, and daily vlogs allowed some of last year’s potential new members (PNMs) to receive millions of views overnight. 

The question of why these videos became so viral and made The University of Alabama’s Greek life a national icon remains a mystery. However, a combination of interesting content, preppy Southern fashion and the perfect algorithm seems like the most realistic answer.  

Alabama’s Greek life system is the biggest in the nation, with seventeen sororities participating in Alabama Panhellenic Association’s fall primary recruitment. All of these houses sit at the southwest corner of campus, right next to Bryant-Denny Stadium. Each house sleeps around 66 women and is comprised of around 420 women. High school seniors everywhere are gearing up to join in on the fun. Over 2,500 women have registered to participate in the 2022 primary recruitment from August 6 through 14.  

Recruitment can be stressful, no doubt about it, so many PNMs used TikTok as a creative outlet after a long day in the Alabama sun. It allowed PNMs like DollyPartonWannaBe02 and WhatWouldJimmyBuffettDo to receive national attention, with the world waiting to see where they would run home to after opening their bid in Bryant-Denny Stadium.  

While stressful and sometimes scary, this doesn’t make recruitment impossible. Here are a few tips to help you through the weeklong journey of finding your new home: 

Be yourself 

Avoid putting on a version of yourself who you truly aren’t because you think it will impress a house. Tara Connolly, a rising sophomore studying marketing, pledged Kappa Delta last August and says being yourself in any house you walk in to is her best piece of advice.  

“That is how you will find the house you are meant to be in and find people who are similar to you,” Connolly says.  

Don’t get too caught up on TikTok 

Sure, posting videos during recruitment week can be so fun, but don’t let it add to your anxiousness. Your dress is still perfect, even if you don’t see how anything could top hers. Social media during this time could make you start feeling behind or out of place. Just put your phone down and focus on yourself. 

Carry a portable fan 

While it might seem silly, this will be your new best friend. Alabama in August is hot, hot, hot. Be prepared to use a fan and a cold towel to cool down when you’re outside.  

Highlight your best qualities 

Houses want to know what makes you special, what gets you up in the morning or what inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Open up to the active members so they feel like they know more than the surface level information about you. It’ll make you stand out! 

Have fun 

Recruitment for many girls’ reigns as the best week of freshmen year. Focus on having thoughtful and intentional conversations and let the rest all work itself out. Don’t panic! You’ll love wherever you end up on bid day.  

Elena serves as a contributing writer. This is her second year with Alice. As a sophomore majoring in news media and political science, she hopes to write more pop culture and Tuscaloosa-based articles for Alice.