By Lilly Martin

Have you always wanted to achieve that natural, glowy look but didn’t have the time or energy? Just because you hit snooze a million times doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Whether you’re just wanting to increase your time for beauty rest, or you really have no clue when it comes to makeup, knowing these hacks will give you that effortless appearance.


First, it is important to start your makeup with a good base. A good base doesn’t include traces of last night’s makeup, so be sure to take a makeup remover wipe before applying moisturizer. Although it is another step to this process, moisturizing has many benefits. Using a moisturizer is a great way to prep your skin, not only for your makeup to blend well, but also to take care of your skin. When picking out your moisturizer, be sure to select one with SPF. Moisturizers with SPF keep the skin protected from the sun, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, can help prevent the development of cancer, and lessens the chance of discoloration of the skin.

Foundation/CC Cream

If you’re constantly on the go or you start your days early in the morning, it may be best to skip this step. Applying and blending foundation is considerably time consuming and isn’t entirely crucial if you’re going for the natural look. For the days when you want the coverage that foundation provides, CC Cream is a happy medium. Generally, CC Cream stands for color correcting and usually provides a little more coverage to disguise imperfections like dark spots or redness.


Arguably one of the most important makeup products is concealer. It not only covers up unwanted blemishes, but it also makes others think that you got more than 4 hours of sleep. Goodbye under eye bags! If you skipped foundation, select a concealer shade closer to your skin tone for spot-concealing and then a shade or two lighter for your under eyes. It’s important to contrast your under eyes with a lighter shade in order to brighten their appearance. The brighter the under eye, the more youthful you look!


Although a good under eye and t-zone bake effectively sets your makeup, does anyone really have time for that? Instead, use one of the greatest products for your typical lazy gal, foundation powder. It combines your foundation shade with a pressed powder, allowing for the easiest application process and no blending required. The foundation powder also takes care of pesky blemishes that tend to show up, especially in the morning. The convenience of this product saves you time and requires little effort. Sign me up!


One of the best ways to bring life back to your complexion is blush. If you find the right shade, it can warm up your face and also make your face look fresh. An even better option for blush is Glossier’s Cloud Paint, a liquid blush. Instead of using a brush, all you do is dab some of it where you would normally apply your blush. Minimal effort required, just the way it should be. Not only is it super convenient, it is also offered in six shades. The shade range varies from a deep red to nearly skin tone, suitable for any occasion.


Something that has been trending lately is liquid highlighter. If you’re intimidated by using a powder highlighter, a liquid version of it may be your best option. Similar to the liquid blush, you take a drop or two and dab along your cheekbones to give you a natural glow. If you’re really feeling like being an overachiever, take some of it and apply it on the end of your nose.


Glossier is worth mentioning again because they specialize in creating a natural makeup look with their products. A fan favorite product of theirs is the Boy Brow. The internet went crazy over this product because of its quality and convenience. The product contains a brush and brow gel, allowing for a quick application. The brow gel not only sets your brows in place, but it also contains a tint matching the color of your natural brows. A few strokes later, and suddenly your brows are fuller than ever. Filling in your brows can be pretty intimidating, but a brow gel product is a lazy girl’s best friend.


If you’re really in a hurry, curling your lashes might be all that is necessary. If you have time to spare, apply waterproof mascara. Mascara is another product that tricks people into thinking you put a lot more effort in getting ready than you actually did. Who doesn’t love doing the bare minimum? Applying mascara gives you a doe-eyed look helping you appear more awake and put together.

Setting Spray/ Rose Water

If you are wanting your look to last all day, consider purchasing a setting spray. Setting spray keeps you from having to reapply your makeup because again, who has the time?  If you are more concerned about your makeup looking natural, invest in a rose water spray. A rose water spray not only hydrates your skin, but it also contributes to the glowy look that you’re trying to achieve.