By Sydney Pellegrini

Netflix is, more and more, taking the place of traditional TV and movie viewing options. Not only through streaming content from other sources, but by creating their own high-quality productions as well. One thing Netflix does best is documentary work. Alice compiled a list of some of our must-see Netflix docs that are sure to satisfy any taste.

  • Follow This (series)
    • This short series follows buzzfeed reporters as they explore a variety of niche topics, ranging from internet trends to underrepresented groups in America. This series wraps together so many different interests, it’s perfect for anyone.
  • One of Us
    • In this Breaking Amish-esque doc, three Hasidic Jews struggle with leaving their tight-knit, strict community for life on the outside. This heartbreaking documentary sheds a light on the flaws in the system.
  • Wild Wild Country (series)
    • This series follows a religious cult in the 1980s that took over a small town in Oregon. It will have you on the edge of your seat, yearning to know more after every episode. It’s seriously so good, it won this year’s Emmy for best documentary series, making it a must-watch.
  • Heroin(e)
    • Focusing on the current opioid epidemic, this short doc follows one paramedic fighting to make a change in her community. This Oscar-nominated feature helps to open eyes and hearts to what addiction really looks like.
  • Mercury 13
    • A badass feminist film that tells the story of the 13 women who trained to be the first Americans in space–only to be told that it was a man’s job.
  • 13th
    • 13th offers a stark look into the prison system in the United States and the injustices within. This Oscar nominated feature will leave you more informed, a little rattled, and maybe a little more willing to write to your senators about prison reform.
  • Chelsea Does
    • A bit on the lighter side, this series follows Chelsea Handler as she explores a variety of topics including marriage, drugs, and even developing her own app. This series offers a perfect blend of funny and insightful.